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The "Three months until March" edition

Media and News:

Mod note: Starting with some bad news. Michael Trucco was involved in a serious car accident on December 2nd and broke his neck. BUT he is already home from the hospital and is expected to make a complete recovery. Get details of what happened and leave well-wishes for Michael here Michael himself has posted messages here (December 10th) and on his official board (December 12th)

--Dr. Kevin Grazier (the BSG science advisor) has a blog
--‘Battlestar Galactica’ Promos Get Into Character
--Ron Moore has updated his blog with an entry on 'Pencil Day'. See how you can get a message to writers on the strike line
--IGN reviews the Razor DVD
--The Canadians are staying busy: Callum Keith Rennie has joined the cast of The X-Files Movie. Aaron Douglas has booked a guest spot on Smallville and a small part in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
--Jamie Bamber's GLAAD PSA is available online
--The Washington Post reviews the video game
--Scifi Pulse has excerpts from a Starburst Magazine interview with Ron Moore
--IGN DVD Babe of the Day: Tricia Helfer has an interview with Tricia Helfer
--Eclipse Magazine has an interview with Ron Moore
--Katee Love charity drive: Benefits Pugs 'N Pals of Southern California Get all the details and how to donate here. The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, December 19th. Show your Katee love and help up some deserving dogs.

Con News
beetlemier recaps Sunday at the Burbank con
tamsibling shares her Burbank con report
greycoupon recaps Friday and Saturday at the con, including picketing with the writers
lizardbeth_j shares her con report
--Aaron Douglas, Richard Hatch and Tahmoh Penikett are scheduled to attend The Wrath of Con: May 30,31 - June 1, 2008 in Panama City Beach, Florida

'Razor' reactions:
tenkuange really misses BSG
airynd didn't much care for it
cryptoxin on Razor & representation
rogueslayer452 has a review NOT brought to you by Quizno's.
booster17 doesn't get a certain advert
markerikson liked the DVD version
ddmd was not glued to the TV
freifraufischer has made Roslin screencaps as well as Cain screencaps
jeebs83 has a Cylon thought
borg9of9235 has meta on Cain: Analysis of an Admiral
beerbad offers her thoughts
frenchani missed Helo but Razor made her think
karmicdragonfly has caps of Razor in...Scandinavian??
kradical has a review
crossoverman reviews Razor as well as the deleted scenes

Meta and Miscellany:

beetlemier is confused by the Razor DVD case
brokenmnemonic offers up meta on Lee, Kara, Anders, fandom
sunnyskywalker has Final Five Crack Theories
blindingsight has some thoughts while watching the BSG marathon
apocalypticdawn just finished watching season 2
greycoupon shares her Fan manifesto on Kara and her relationships
tkid_firefly discusses a Razor deleted scene (possible season 4 spoilers)
bop_radar is feeling the BSG fandom love
sirwilliam marathoned season 2 and has some nitpicks

We are a creative bunch: --

wisteria_ made hilarious BSG Madlibs
rosie_posie77 shares Katee icons and banners
monsie has made a Adama/Roslin vid to Best Friends by the Perishers
keerawa shares a Amnesty BSG Vid
humansrsuperior has a vid rec
caffeinatedlife has a Kara/Lee fanmix
anr is running a Kara/Lee ficathon. Sign ups through Sunday, December 16th
suffolkgirl has recs for funny BSG fic
the_wireless has updated December 1st,
December 7th and December 15th
leeadama_daily is doing a Lee Adama Advent Calendar
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