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Liz (amidala_thrace)
bitch please by kissingdaylight
greycoupon wrote in galacticanews
I'm back because I have to share the worst kind of news.

amidala_thrace aka Liz passed away this afternoon. stripes13 shared the news earlier and and started a memorial post.

Here is a wonderful article about her and her condition from a few years ago.

Liz had been ill for quite a while but I was sure she would beat this just like she overcame everything the universe threw at her. She was quite possibly the nicest person I ever met. She had endless energy and enthusiasm for fandom and life. I would get tired just looking at the list of communities she ran. In BSG fandom she was the co-mod of the_wireless, karastillness, iconic_lee and bsg_graphics in addition to the hockey and Star Wars comms she ran. She knew so many people all across the fandom so this seemed important to post here.

I wish I could say something more profound but I'm still in shock. I think everyone is.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for letting us know. She was a pillar of the fandom community and she will be missed!

OMG I am so sorry. I didn't know her personally, but I certainly recognize her screen name and know she was a very active member of the BSG fandom.

My sincere condolences to her friends and family. What a terrible loss.

I'm so sorry. I never really participated in BSG fandom because I had no way of seeing the eps until they were out on DVD, so just lurked and observed, but I admired what I knew of Liz. My condolences.

Againm=, I didnt know her personally but my heart goes out to all that did

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