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Kara Laughing
frolicndetour wrote in galacticanews

In the Media
'Starbuck' will be on Big Bang Theory
nicole_anell Acting Outlaws videos

New York Comic Con
ufgator1977 on the Science of Battlestar and Richard Hatch
nnaylime has broad impressions
frolicndetour flaily Women of Battlestar panel recap
proggrrl is looking for video
nicole_anell is dying of Tricia Helfer induced joy
callmeonetrack thought Katee was insanely cute

imelda72 thoughts and questions
leeadama_daily on Lee's decision not to ground Kara, taking a break from all your worries, Lee's marriage, fantastic friday spam, and rapture
no_takebacks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are pilots, the mystery of love
ivanolix ponders a male version of Tory
karathracelives Kara's friendships
deborah_judge thoughts after rewatching the Kara/Leoben arc

sabaceanbabe can't hear you over the sound of awesome women; emmiere joins in here
shah_of_blah recasts His Dark Materials with BSG characters and more here
no_takebacks think fast!
battlestar_blog if BSG were a roleplaying game
lizardbeth_j BSG song parodies

Fanworks and Recs
caprican_dame shares some new K/L recs
lls_mutant has an Athena fic-rec
New Vid: Goodbye My Lover, by ddt73
karathracelives ladies gen fic battle on now
prefer_my_life darkship prompting meme

Alessandra Torresani on Attack of the Show
Bear McCreary on the score
Maureen Ryan on Unvanquished
niciasus is still a diehard fan and made screencaps
frenchani is mostly happy with it and undershirted, unshaved, unvanquished
ivanolix holy batman, Caprica!
lls_mutant is raving like a Glee fan, and Cliff Notes for Caprica
battlestar_blog episode review thread


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