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miles and miles of open road
tracy wrote in galacticanews
In the Media
Smallville: Battlestar Alum Set to Play DC's Deathstroke
Bear McCreary: BSG Orchestra Concert Footage Released!
Aaron will be on Eureka
First Look: Katee Sackhoff a New CSI?
meshel73: Katee - "Life As We Know It" NYC premiere
asta77: Jamie interviews and one more, The Mid Week Jamie Bamber-palooza Post

karathracelives: 3.05 - Collaborators, discussion on the farms, discussion on Kara and Adama, how other pilots felt about Kara, Kara's intelligence
leeadama_daily: Unfinished Business discussion in comments, more here, more here, and more here
[personal profile] amalnahurriyeh: Meta on Laura Roslin
queenofthorns: fell in love with Kara Thrace
nnaylime: question on BSG and time

callmeonetrack: Vid: Laura's Dream
sabaceanbabe: Cavil fanvid
caprican_dame: Kara/Lee and Kara/Zak fic rec, Lee fic rec
gdg: Starbuck vid rec

karathracelives: Ladies Fic Battle
callmeonetrack: New BSG 4.5 caps
rachelindeed: Kara and Lee Honorary Library & Hall of Fame
bsg_20in20: Information & Rules: Round 12
bsg_bigbang has been posting lots of fics!

Caprica returns tonight!
meshel73: BTS photo
frenchani: The Caprican has returned!
rogueslayer452: Caprica for SFX
missyjack: Watch Caprica.

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Wow. We look BUSTLING! (Nice job Tracy!)

It makes me really happy that fandom is still so active a year and a half after the end of the show! ♥

I know fic isn't normally linked, but bsg_bigbang posting has been going on from 9/24 to 10/10 so I thought I'd mention that. :)

I have some Kara/Leoben thoughts here.

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